RINGSMED's goal is

Ringsmed is a young, innovative telemedicine company founded in 2019. The main business of the Company is creating new services and medical products using telemedicine solutions that facilitate constant monitoring of the patient’s health condition, at the Emergency Departments – ED or at home – HOME.

Telemedicine band

Thanks to a team of medical and IT experts, we create certified medical solutions that facilitate doctors’ telemedicine care over patients, such as the “Telemedical Band” designed for remote monitoring and contact with a patient. The solutions developed by us will allow for accurate analysis of patients’ vital signs defined by doctors in order to take appropriate medical actions. At the present stage, we are working on solutions dedicated to two defined groups of patients: monitoring of patients at the ED (ultimately, extension of monitoring also by a patient’s hospitalization) and HOME monitoring (monitoring of patients with heart failure).



The product will be intended for patients with heart failure (approx. 2 million people in Poland) who should benefit from regular consultations with a specialist physician. An innovative feature of the proposed solution is the use of a series of measurements to determine the clinical condition of a patient suffering from heart failure and the possibility for doctors/paramedics/nurses to take remote interventions and recommendations for the patient thus monitored in the event of deterioration of his or her health. Monitored parameters:
  • Pulse
  • Saturation
  • Sweating
  • Event EKG
  • The “life” button
  • Fall monitoring
  • Pedometer
  • Drug intake monitoring
  • Communication with external devices: A scale and blood pressure gauge
  • Other

ED (Emergency Department)

Enabling triaging patients in accordance with the Regulation of the Minister of Health of June 27, 2019 on hospital “emergency departments”. Assigning an appropriate triage colour to a patient that is displayed on the band and continuous monitoring of the following vital signs of the patient (including on-line transmission of collected data to medical staff monitoring patients at the ED):
  • Pulse
  • Temperature
  • Saturation
  • Sweating
  • Information on fall
  • Other

Our Recipients and Partners

  • Public and private health service
  • Subscription-based service for patients
  • IT companies creating medical systems for the “white part”
  • Medical Telemonitoring Centres

The Company's mission

  • Saving patients’ lives
  • Mortality reduction
  • Telecare over the elderly

Future prospects

  • Co-operation with insurance companies
  • Implementation of Regional Intelligent Specializations
  • Introducing innovative solutions in the region
  • Commercialization of research and development projects
  • Development of technological facilities in Silesia


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